5 Things I Love About Being A Mom
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5 Reasons I Love Being a Mom

When I first found out I was going to be a mom, I was terrified. Sure, I babysat a lot of kids. But I wasn’t, you know, raising them. What if he never does anything I ask? What if I can’t educate him properly? There’s so much to learn and so much to do!

Fortunately, I do not worry about those kinds of things on a daily basis anymore. While parenting has had its days, most days are awesome! I will worry about things as they come and enjoy L while he’s this age. There are so many things I love about being a mom, but here are 5 of them. 

5 Things I Love About Being A Mom

#1 Baby Hugs & Kisses

There’s nothing quite like getting a sticky hug or stinky kiss from your own child. When I was pregnant I feared I’d have a baby who didn’t love me. Boy, was I wrong! L loves kissing me and Andrew, and he will randomly come up to me to give me a little hug/pat combo. So precious. Just thinking about it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. To think that at one point I thought he wouldn’t love me back…ha! At this age he loves me, so I’m going to hold onto that.

#2 Watching L Acquire Quirks

This may seem odd, but I think it is so cool to watch L get his own set of quirks. Some of it is related to personality, but other things just stuck with him. For example, he loves cupboards. I’m sure a lot of babies like cupboards, but L will go straight to them even in an unfamiliar place (Dr. office, friend’s house, etc.). There are so many cool things behind them, after all!

#3 Spontaneous Laughter

Everyone loves to hear a baby laugh, but there is something extra special about your baby learning to laugh on their own (without being tickled or prompted). Apparently our cat is very entertaining, but L amuses himself as well. It’s a relief to know that L is enjoying life and has a childlike view of everything…just wait, kiddo 😉

#4 The No Judgement Zone

Do you know anyone who doesn’t judge you for taking that extra square of brownie, having morning breath, skipping your workout again, or just not feeling up for life? Your spouse can be pretty good at tolerating those things, but let’s be honest–once you’re past a certain age, you can differentiate between the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s the beauty of babies. They are before this age and don’t care how you look!

#5 Making New Friends

Don’t let this one fool you. Making true friends with people in your demographic is harder with a baby. I’m talking about stranger friends–the cashier, the librarian, the person waiting in line behind you. Before I was a mom, I rarely interacted with these people. Like, genuinely interacted with them. Now that I have a baby, I have all sorts of conversations! When we stayed at a hotel as a family, we had some legitimate conversations with other families and the staff there. Before having L, we would have just checked in/out politely and been on our way. Now, we get all sorts of comments! It’s forcing us to be more social.

I hope this list is encouraging to you. If you are waiting to become a mom, get ready for some serious proud mama moments! Then come back in about 5 years when I’ve written a post titled, “5 Reasons I Hate Being a Mom” (Just kidding?). But seriously, being a mom is amazing, and I didn’t believe it until it happened to me. Some days are hard, but I still love it. What do you love about being a mom?


5 Things I Love About Being A Mom


  1. aww that’s so sweet ,I’m a new mom to be (7months Prego) and oh so looking forward to this kind of joy <3

    1. Congrats! Glad you are looking forward to it–I had no idea 🙂

  2. Yes yes yes!! I love all these things! Especially the last one, I can’t believe how just carrying a baby through the grocery store lights people’s faces up. Everyone wants to hold her, talk to her, ask how old she is, and tell me about their own baby at home. It’s an unexpected perk of becoming a parent, for sure. 🙂

    1. Exactly! And I don’t mind showing him off…;)

  3. My daughter is 10 years old now and I remember all of those fun moments and yes it is a lot easier to make friends when you have a cute little kid to talk about. That sill happens but not as often when kids are older .

  4. Yes, there are times when my kids drive me a bit crazy, but there are also times when I realize how much I love them to bits.

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