6 Baby Products You Don't Need...and What to Get Instead
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6 Baby Products You Don’t Need

I have to hand it to baby product companies–they do a good job of making parents want to buy their stuff! If you’re on a budget, there are so many things you would love to give your child but know you cannot afford (see this post of affordable things you actually need for baby). I’ve compiled a list of things that are often seen as “necessities” for kids; however, they¬†are easily replaced with a more budget-friendly alternative!

6 Baby Products You Don't Need...and What to Get Instead

Baby Hair Combs

Yes, they are super adorable, but an adult comb works just fine! The hospital will probably give you a baby brush for their fine hairs, but (assuming they even have hair) a soft brush you have at home will work just fine. I do L’s hair with daddy’s comb every day! They do make special combs for cradle cap which can really come in handy. I never even bothered to buy one with L, and we managed to keep his locks luscious!

A Ton of Baby Food Storage Containers

If you are into making your own baby purees, I can see why you might want to get little containers for that (they make freezer trays aka an expensive ice cube tray). The containers I am talking about are for leftovers, snacks, etc. I see them everywhere, and beyond the fabulous colors I cannot see how they are much different from the tons of Tupperware you already have at home! We do have a couple plastic baby bowls for L because I don’t want him to break my nice stuff, but his leftovers go in with ours.

Fancy Night Light

This night light is super cute, but it is much more expensive than the 2-pack we got at Babies R Us (which still work great, BTW!). I know what you’re thinking–But it makes music! It is so cute!–but how many other things do you have that make music? Is your baby going to stay up all night to look at the cute night light? It would make a super cute gift, but if you are in need of a night light, skip the kids section and get a regular old night light that will work great and probably use less electricity/batteries, too!

Baby Bedding

As much as I would love to have a perfectly coordinated nursery, it is just not in the budget. L will not remember his room until it starts transitioning to a “big boy” room anyways, so that’s how I think of it! When I was pregnant I looked at the prices of whole sets, and it was ridiculous. I chose to put individual items on our registry, and I am glad I did! We would never use the baby quilt the sets come with–they are just for show. Plus, everyone loves to gift baby blankets and quilts!

Baby Changing Table

If you need a changing table, you can do it cheaper by either getting a two-in-one (dresser and changing top) or re-purposing an old dresser. I know the changing tables have storage shelves, but a dresser is much more practical. They can hold more (variety and quantity), and your little one won’t be able to snag the contents once they are old enough.

Expensive Baby Laundry Detergent

This may be controversial, but in my opinion you are just paying for that baby label when it comes to laundry detergent. I know everyone says you have to get Dreft, and it does say it is “hypoallergenic,” but honestly the fragrance in it bothers our entire family more than our “free” type detergents. Also, I don’t think it smells that great, haha!

Please don’t think I’m judging you if you own any of these products. They are all great things, but if you are on a budget and just need essentials I hope this helps you out. Is there anything I missed *cough* infant shoes *cough*? Let me know–I would love to hear from you!

6 Baby Products You Don't Need...and What to Get Instead