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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Toddler Food

If you read this post, you know that I am not a fan of overly-marketed  baby products that are not really necessary. Believe it or not, toddler food is no different! So many products come in bright packaging for babies, but that cute packaging will cost you.

Toddler Food is Not Always Healthy

Here is a great example of how those convenient toddler meals compare to “regular” food, 100 Days of Real Food style 🙂

Toddler Food

As you can see, the Annie’s pasta is not only cheaper per ounce, but much more natural than the Gerber Pick-Ups. Would you make your baby something homemade with carrageenan, caramel coloring, or GMO corn products? Probably not! I understand that sometimes you just have to grab something convenient, but I would not make a habit of buying these meals.

Toddler Food is More Expensive

This next example is merely about cost. The toddler version of cereal bars cost .36/bar, but the adult version .31/bar. That doesn’t seem like much, but just imagine how much more the adult version goes on sale. It’s hard to find coupons for specialty toddler food–I’ve found that they are mostly for diapers/wipes/formula/etc.

Toddler Food

Sorry, Canva cut off my numbers and I already overwrote the graphic! 

Obviously both of these are probably pretty poor nutritional choices, but I wanted to point out that even the non-organic/fancy food is still cheaper as marketed to adults. I recently saw a package of freeze-dried apples in the baby section that was more expensive than a regular package, and it blew my mind. It was the store brand, too!

One final example!

In my research for this post, I found it was interesting that more popular brands were more expensive than non-popular ones.

Toddler Food

These do not differ much nutritionally, but the Gerber was more expensive (barely!) since they are such a well-known name. The prices reflect regular prices–the Earth’s Best was actually on sale, so it would have been even cheaper per ounce.

We try to give L a balanced and nutritious diet. Some days he eats more graham crackers than others…but he’s growing and thriving, so we’re not complaining! What’s your baby’s favorite snack (L LOVES graham crackers with nut butter)?

P.S. Here’s some stuff we actually do buy (pouches are a treat–I freeze them and they make slushies for the zoo!).

Toddler Food




  1. Love this post and so totally agree! Our daughter who’s 11 months loves Graham crackers along with her brothers. We find the Full Circle Organic ones on sale a lot for $2.99 versus Nabisco’s Honey Graham crackers for $3.99. We also eat the Simply Cheetos on occasion as they have no preservatives or artificial colors or additives. I never thought about freezing the pouches, what an excellent idea!!! 👍

    1. I have never heard of those graham crackers! It seems like those are one of the most expensive snacks and I have no idea why.

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