31 Days of Music
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One Month of Music!

Summer is upon us! If you are looking for ways to fill your time, music is a great way to entertain you and your kids.

31 Days of Music

Music Time

Music is great for people of all ages, but especially for babies. It is great to expose them to a variety of sounds and rhythms! Instead of turning on some tunes once in a while (or constantly!), we have made music time a part of our schedule. Maybe you have STEM time or story time–I think the arts are just as important!

Where to Find Music

I usually use Spotify to find our music. They have some playlists pre-made to some of these genres! One downside to this is that there are ads…and some of the ads are not kid-friendly. Even if you find music on Youtube, there are ads now! I just got 3 months of Spotify Premium for $9.99. For us, it was worth it to have unlimited music (no ads, offline listening, unlimited skips, etc.), especially since we will be in the car a lot for vacation this summer. If you’ve never tried Premium before, you may be able to get 3 months for $.99!

How to Do It

Click the link below to print out a PDF copy, or download the image to your phone/computer!

You can go in order through the month, or pick a random genre every day. I did 31 days for extra long months 🙂

One Month of Music

One Month of Music

Let me know what you think! If enough people ask, I will make some playlists to add to this post!

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