6 Baby Products You Don't Need...and What to Get InsteadBaby Life, Mom Life

6 Baby Products You Don’t Need

I have to hand it to baby product companies–they do a good job of making parents want to buy their stuff! If you’re on a budget, there are so many things you would love to give your child but know you cannot afford (see this post of affordable things you actually need for baby). I’ve compiled a list of things …

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DIY Body WashMom Life

DIY Body Wash

It seems like I am getting more crunchy all the time. “Green” you might say. A few years ago I was eating Taco Bell on a regular basis, slathering my skin in toxins, and taking way too many medications. Enter the crunchy mom Kara. She is gluten- and dairy-free (among others), cloth diapering, and making her own body wash! Now I’m …

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