DIY Toddler Fishing GameMom Life, Toddler Life

DIY Fishing Game for Toddlers

I love cheap, fun things for L to do. He isn’t big on crafts yet, but his mama definitely is! This fishing game is perfect because you can easily put it together during nap time, and older kids could make this themselves! Bonus points if you are a former Jo-Anns employee and have pretty much everything on hand *guilty*. Here’s …

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6 Baby Products You Don't Need...and What to Get InsteadBaby Life, Mom Life

6 Baby Products You Don’t Need

I have to hand it to baby product companies–they do a good job of making parents want to buy their stuff! If you’re on a budget, there are so many things you would love to give your child but know you cannot afford (see this post of affordable things you actually need for baby). I’ve compiled a list of things …

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DIY Body WashMom Life

DIY Body Wash

It seems like I am getting more crunchy all the time. “Green” you might say. A few years ago I was eating Taco Bell on a regular basis, slathering my skin in toxins, and taking way too many medications. Enter the crunchy mom Kara. She is gluten- and dairy-free (among others), cloth diapering, and making her own body wash! Now I’m …

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