DIY Body WashMom Life

DIY Body Wash

It seems like I am getting more crunchy all the time. “Green” you might say. A few years ago I was eating Taco Bell on a regular basis, slathering my skin in toxins, and taking way too many medications. Enter the crunchy mom Kara. She is gluten- and dairy-free (among others), cloth diapering, and making her own body wash! Now I’m …

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bppin1Baby Life

12 Must-Have Baby Products

There are tons of lists out there with the “Top 25 Baby Products” you “need,” but they are all super expensive items (do you really need a $200+ baby monitor??). I’ve compiled a list of the things we loved having for the first year, and they don’t break the bank! If someone wants to gift you that $100 baby swing, …

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peanut butter cookies

Peanut Butter Baby Cookies

Is it time to give your baby peanuts, but you’re not sure how to go about it? Look no further! I have created a recipe that everyone will enjoy…cookies! It seems like there is a debate on allergens lately. Some people say to delay introducing common allergens while others advocate for early exposure. We chose to try peanuts early on …

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Cloth DiaperingMom Life

Cloth Diapering for Lazy Mamas

Interested in cloth diapering but think it is too much work? I am not a huge fan of laundry, but I can tell you that cloth diapering is not as bad as it seems! This is our cloth diapering routine, and it is so easy that even my husband can do it (no offense, honey)! Get Some Cloth Diapers First off, …

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cloth diapering faqMom Life

Cloth Diapering FAQ

Wanting to cloth diaper but not ready to take the plunge? Are you not sure if it’s worth it or grossed out by the idea? Here are some cloth diapering FAQ and how I would answer them. This is just my experience with cloth diapering. There are a lot of different ways out there, but we were pretty successful with …

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